Quarter life crisis vs. Mid life crisis

So, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who is in her early 30's and she was telling me all about the quarter-life crisis that she had gone through when she was just 25....about the anguish she felt about not knowing what she wanted to do with her life.   

And I was trying to think back to that time to remember if I had felt the same.  I remember going through the whole "what will I major in?" anxiety for sure.   Psychology ended up being my thing--turns out studying human behavior and optimizing performance has always been interesting to me.

But the way she described her crisis was more than just anxiety--it was full on melt-down mode...paralyzing.  She ended up making a drastic decision and changing her career course--not once but three times.  She's now a successful entrepreneur--making over 7 figures!  I'd say that "crisis" paid off!

You often hear the millenial generation being described as flaky and just doing their own...

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Have you seen your shadow?

blocks limiting beliefs Feb 03, 2019

Over here in the United States we celebrate this whacky day where we wait for a furry critter named Punxsutawney Phil to come out of his hole and see his shadow (or not) to determine whether we will have to endure 6 more weeks of winter OR be blessed with an early Spring.

The results are in:  Phil did NOT see his shadow...an early Spring it is!   Whew! 
Personally, having just come back from New Zealand where it's their summertime, this makes me very happy!  Stepping off that plane into 15 degree weather was NOT fun!

But what about YOUR shadow?   Have you seen it?   And are you doing anything about it?

Carl Jung was the first psychiatrist to propose the theory that our minds are split into two very different archetypes:  the persona and the shadow self. 

The persona is the "mask"...the person we present to the word, the person we want the world to think we are.  

The shadow self is composed of repressed feelings, emotions,...

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Any high school cheerleader will tell you that you can’t cheer for the opposing team. The entire job of a cheerleader is to rally for the team that you support!  Cheering for the other side would just be unheard of.   And cheering for both sides to win would just be crazy!

Yet we do it all the time in our own lives.

We have our DREAMS on one side:  the "home team".  

And on the opposing side we've got our Doubt, Fears and Excuses: the "visitors" that take up space in our head and nervous system.  

And all too often we give our support to the opposing side!  We feed into the doubt, fears and excuses like we want them to win.  

What if you took on the role as a cheerleader for your Dreams and committed to playing full out?

According to the Universal Cheerleader's Association website, there are 5 primary roles of a cheerleader.  Let's take a look at these and see how embracing each role can help you support the...

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The Top 10 Mindset Shifts You Must Make to Become a Master Manifestor

Whether you subscribe to the "Woo" side of manifesting and the Law of Attraction or you believe that plain old hard work is the key to making your dreams come true, there is no denying that having the right mindset is critical to your success.  Without the right frame of mind, you will most definitely work harder, struggle in the face of adversity and put those dreams at risk of never coming to fruition.   Proper mindset is the foundation for success!

Here are TEN key mindset shifts that you must make immediately if you want to start getting traction and gaining momentum toward your Dreams:

1.  Abundance is Everywhere.
Having an abundant mindset means realizing that abundance is everywhere in your life.  You may have an abundance of the things you don't want and you may have an abundance of lack, but you still have abundance.   This might sound like just a mind trick, but it's so much more than that.   If you are programmed to look for lack,...

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When it comes to manifesting financial abundance do you have a prosperity mindset or a penny pincher perspective? 

This can be a tricky topic when you’re trying to manifest money. No one wants to waste money or throw it away. Perhaps your parents taught you to be responsible or even frugal with your funds. Or maybe you heard growing up “a penny saved is a penny earned”. But consider the undercurrent of energy in all of those thoughts…each is rooted in the idea of lack. That if you aren’t responsible or frugal and you don’t save your money, you won’t have it. And this energy is either stopping you from attracting money or limiting you from attracting more.

So how do you turn this around and start to attract from an energy of abundance?

1. Start by setting an actual financial manifestation goal. Pick a number that you want to manifest in the next month—a number that is just outside your comfort zone. If you pick a number...

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Why I Don't Care if You are Inauthentic

blocks limiting beliefs Jul 16, 2016

I don’t care if you are inauthentic!

I have had several conversations over the past few weeks with clients and friends who were extremely triggered by people that they feel are inauthentic.  People who build a life on social media that looks nothing like their real life.  The pictures show smiles and social events, happy families and friends, amazing locations and guilty pleasure indulgences—all carefully posed to capture the essence of the moment…or at least the essence they want you to think.  Maybe even the essence of what they themselves want to believe.  Picture perfect on the outside!

And I get feeling triggered.  I actually avoided social media altogether for several years because of this very thing.  I knew someone personally that was a master of social media and PR.  Behind the scenes her life was a mess—her husband was cheating on her, she had anxiety so bad that she self-mutilated, she struggled to see any real...

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How to Set Your Children Up for a Lifetime of Success vs. Struggle

blocks limiting beliefs Jun 01, 2016

Most parents are very familiar with the phrase "monkey see, monkey do" and know to be careful when using bad words or acting inappropriately around their children.  But it really goes so much deeper than that!    Children are literal sponges--at least their brains are--for years before they develop the ability to reason or form judgments on their own.  And by that time their perspectives have already been biased based on what they've absorbed throughout their formative years.

From birth to around two years of age, our brains are in Delta brainwave state. Adults experience this during periods of deep sleep. There are no feelings or emotions in this state and we are literally just taking everything in.  

From two years to around age six--the brain accelerates into Theta pattern. This is where creativity and imagination are accessed and it's where the unconscious mind is dominant. As adults we experience this state as we are drifting into sleep...

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Clear Your Clutter, Attract More Business

Can it really be that simple?   Yes, it can!   As a business coach one of the first things I do with clients is help them identify where they have clutter in their business and establish a plan to clean it up.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to get some forward motion and momentum going. 


When you understand the laws of physics in relationship to clutter you can see where the problems lie and why this approach is so naturally effective.   Like everything, clutter carries energy with it.  The dictionary definition of clutter is a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass or an untidy state.  The synonyms for clutter could describe a zombie apocalypse:  disorder, chaos, disarray, mess, jumble, litter, heap, tangle, muddle, hodgepodge.  The word itself is actually derived from the Middle English word clotter, meaning to clot or slow down.    Does that sound like the kind of energy that...

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