Have you seen your shadow?

blocks limiting beliefs Feb 03, 2019

Over here in the United States we celebrate this whacky day where we wait for a furry critter named Punxsutawney Phil to come out of his hole and see his shadow (or not) to determine whether we will have to endure 6 more weeks of winter OR be blessed with an early Spring.

The results are in:  Phil did NOT see his shadow...an early Spring it is!   Whew! 
Personally, having just come back from New Zealand where it's their summertime, this makes me very happy!  Stepping off that plane into 15 degree weather was NOT fun!

But what about YOUR shadow?   Have you seen it?   And are you doing anything about it?

Carl Jung was the first psychiatrist to propose the theory that our minds are split into two very different archetypes:  the persona and the shadow self. 

The persona is the "mask"...the person we present to the word, the person we want the world to think we are.  

The shadow self is composed of repressed feelings, emotions, characteristics and traits...things we fear would elicit negative feedback from society.

  Unlike Phil, not seeing your shadow does not bring good news.  By ignoring your shadow or pretending it doesn't exist, you give it more power and allow it to root deeper in with shame, embarrassment, even self-loathing.   And this is what ultimately causes you to live your own "Groundhog Day" over and over and over again, just like the Bill Murray movie!   It paralyzes you and keeps you from moving forward.

On the contrary, when you identify your shadow traits and the beliefs behind them, accept them and learn to love yourself because of (not in spite of) them, you tap into an incredible source of  personal power.   This is why vulnerability is such a hot topic!   When you are vulnerable and open about your shadow, you dissolve the hold that it has on you.   And you also learn that there are "gifts" that come with the shadow:)

So, where in your life are you living your own "Groundhog Day"?  Is it in your career?  Your finances?  Your love life?  Your health?   All of the above?

What are the shadow traits that are contributing to this?   What secret thoughts, fears and beliefs about yourself are holding you hostage?

Don't let this groundhog day become another groundhog year for you--I can help you with this!
Schedule a complimentary consultation today at www.connectwithbeth.com.  We'll take a look at your current situation, your goals and outline an action plan to support you!

If you don't take any action, you're giving your shadow self all the power.  It's time to change that!   Let this groundhog day usher in a whole new YOU!

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