Flourish Alchemy™
The Membership

Join us in the membership for a true Alchemical experience.  

Each month offers a fresh blend of feminine nurturing and creativity cultivating combined with masculine strategy, structure and support.  You're encouraged to Dream Big and develop the capacity to Live Bold in service of those dreams!

There are 3 workshops offered each month and you can "drop in" to any of them for $55/ session OR join as a member for just $88/month and get all three sessions plus unlimited access to the replays for the year.

Somatic Magic™ Summer Solstice Breathwork Journey and Frequency Transmission $55

9D Transformational Breathwork Journey and Healy Frequency Transmission.                                                                                                                                 A multi-dimensional sound experience that incorporates solfeggio frequencies, 432 Hz Harmonic tuning (the natural frequency of the Universe that works wonders on stress and anxiety), binaural brain entrainment, and isochronic brainwave tones that lead you into a theta brainwave state, where the magic happens--rewiring all those limiting beliefs and stories while the somatic breathwork moves years of stuck emotional energy!                                                                                   I call it Somatic Magic™ because the power of your breath is alchemical-- it creates magic, it feels magical and life becomes magical                                                                                                                            And an added bonus of powerful frequencies delivered via the Healy Quantum Sensor--a scan will be run on the group just prior to the session to customize the frequencies to the needs of the collective and in harmony with that month's theme.                                                                                                       Next Breathwork Journey:                             Tuesday, May 21st, 2024                        8:00pm EST/5pm PST                                    72 Hour Replay available for drop-ins.


Flourish Fusion™
The Mastermind

For Women Entrepreneurs and Executives who want to apply a pure soul first,
strategy-second approach in their business and career.

This 6-month high-level mastermind is a transformative odyssey that combines:

  • Personalized Coaching: Dive deep into your psyche, identifying and melding your unique strengths to craft a personalized path to success.  
  • Group Synergy: Collaborate with like-minded individuals, forming a powerful collective where shared wisdom and support amplify your individual journey.
  • Strategic Business Insights: Learn cutting-edge strategies that intertwine with your personal growth, ensuring your business flourishes in alignment with your values and vision.
  • Somatic Practices: Engage in body-centered exercises that connect you to your physical wisdom, grounding your aspirations in tangible, actionable reality.
  • Quantum Leap Sessions: Experience breakthroughs that transcend conventional coaching, tapping into the quantum realm where intention and manifestation converge.

Flourish Fusion is not just a program; it's a transformational vessel. Here, your aspirations undergo a metamorphosis, emerging as tangible successes. Join us on this alchemical adventure, and turn the lead of your challenges into the gold of opportunity and fulfillment. Let's ignite the fusion within, and watch as you, and your business, spectacularly illuminate the world.

NEXT COHORT COMING SOON [email protected] for more details

VIP Private
1:1 Coaching

Looking for a personalized 1:1 experience?  

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The Inspirement Life™
The Planner

Ready to move on from just managing your time and to-do's?   
Grab the planner designed to help you manage your ENERGY and prioritize your DREAMS!