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Are you high-potential, but playing small? Sacrificing parts of your life and miserable because of it? Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost and ready to make a change? I can help!

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There are only two ways to live your life . One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~Albert Einstein.

Hear What Others are Saying...

"Having just gone through a major life change (divorce) plus a major international move (UK-USA) I was overwhelmed and sought Beth out to help me figure out my short term goals and long term objectives. Beth helped me set aside the fear and figure out what my blockages were in order to move myself forward. She helped me gain insight into how my thoughts were affecting my behavior as well as providing me the tools I needed to redirect into a more positive state of mind. My weekly meetings with Beth gave me something to look forward to and I learned to hold myself accountable for taking action on the tasks I committed to. The most important thing about working with Beth is that she is trustworthy! You can tell her anything without fear of judgment and she supports and facilitates whatever goal you are working towards. I would highly recommend working with Beth!" Lindsay Buck

"When I first started working with Beth I was feeling a bit lost, unsure of who I was supposed to be and definitely lacking self confidence. I felt like I had no direction and there were a few very well meaning people in my life who felt they knew me well enough to push me to be what they thought I was supposed to be. With that said, I was so unsure of myself I couldn’t see how they could see more in me than I could see in myself and this back and forth was a conflict I couldn’t quite handle. I was scattered in my thinking which in turn led to a disorganized delivery in my day to day choices and experiences. I made constant mistakes by confusing my thoughts as my feelings and vice versa. On the surface no one saw the person I describe. My friends, family and clients saw a person that was always busy. And I was! But the biggest issue I faced was that I was so busy doing nothing that brought value or happiness to my life. I was busy accomplishing very little and putting all my energy into areas of my life that were benign.

Working with Beth helped me to stop battling me. I now pivot positively! And even better, pivoting has become less and less necessary which is a major takeaway from this experience. I don’t react, I give thought and I do and I perform and I accomplish and I create and with all this I have absolute consideration for my family, friends, employees, pets, etc. I do this without pressuring myself. I now live fearlessly—without anxiety or angst! It is a very calm place. Beth taught me how to redirect my attention and focus. Whether it’s with achieving long term objectives or short term goals. One of the big lessons I took away from our time together is that everything is accomplishable but not everything matters and needs to be done right now. It’s the energy that I put out there that will matter the most. I am also in a place where I know I can handle the most negative client, friend or situation without being hurtful to the other person or judgmental. What is most interesting is that those situations where I may be challenged are now a rarity.

Working with Beth is effortless and thought provoking but also inspiring. I want to take action and get to the next point—it’s action provoking. BUT—it’s up to each individual to be ready to participate and want to take the steps to make the changes they are looking for. You might be surprised about what you find out about yourself! The path that is best for you may not be the one you think and this process is a great way of finding out! If you’re ready to live the life you deserve, I highly recommend working with Beth!"  Tazz Latifi

"Working with Beth has inspired radical and positive change in both my professional and personal focus. As a woman of faith, I have known for quite some time that miracles can indeed be prepared for, yet I can honestly say that I had never, on a daily basis, applied this knowledge in a practical way. Through Beth's guidance I have become witness to how amazing life is when you devote your thoughts and actions to your truest dreams. Miracles are unfolding in every aspect of my life now. My old doubts and impatience have been replaced with consistent inspired action. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears and I am eternally grateful that Beth is my wonderful teacher. I am more clear than I have ever have been. I feel empowered and equipped with the knowledge necessary to live my happiest life. Beth is the best coach for all who are ready to intentionally (and with joy) lead a life beyond their wildest dreams." Erin Schelcher


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