I already know one thing about you:

You're ready for MORE!



I grew up with a simple work ethic:  work hard and you'll be rewarded.  And I took this to heart from a young age.  I got good grades, graduated with a degree in Psychology and took a job right out of college where I began my climb up the corporate ladder.  

But years of "hard" work--70-80 hour work weeks, non stop travel and poor sleeping and eating habits--caught up with me.  I was no longer just burning the midnight oil...I was burning out!  I was exhausted, had brain fog, was gaining weight and was irritable all the time.  My personal life and my work performance were both suffering and I was miserable--I literally felt like i was dying on the vine!

This was not what I wanted for my life. 
And, being a typical high achiever, I knew that I didn't want less for myself. 

No, I actually wanted MORE.  

And I no longer wanted to sacrifice my health or happiness for it.   

I made myself the priority and I sought out the top leaders in the areas of Happiness and High Performance as my mentors and I began to get my life back.  I did the inner work and implemented the outer habits and I realized that there's something beyond that place of "thriving".  There's a place with all of the success but with more ease and flow.  A place that's more alive and vibrant.   A place that's... FLOURISHING.

I've now made it my mission to inspire and help other ambitious women take control of their lives by building on the
foundations of
Happiness, Health and High Performance Habits.  


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