Uncategorized Aug 02, 2019

I got an email from one of my clients this morning and it said:

"Beth, I just wanted to say thank you for calling me out on my BS. I know that I can be challenging some times but I appreciate that you always get me re-focused and moving forward again. It means a lot to me that you have my back."

I was touched that she took the time to send me the note and it just re-affirmed for me why I love my job so much!

I've been there. I've had my own "BS" that has kept me stalled and feeling stuck. And I hired my own coaches to help me see the things that I wasn't seeing. And I still do....and always will!

Ever heard the saying "new level, new devil"? Yep, if you're gonna grow, there's gonna be new stuff that comes up!

And the reality is that it's not really "BS" or a "new devil". What's happening is simply a function of our biology....our lower brain. And the lower brain isn't actually malicious. It doesn't have an "agenda". It just has a function... to keep us safe. To keep us alive.

It doesn't understand "happy" or "not happy". or "fulfilled" vs. "unfulfilled".

It just knows that when things start to change and you start to do things differently, it has to re-direct you back to that "safe zone" (or the dreaded "comfort zone"). And it will do so by either fighting (getting defensive and argumentative), fleeing (running away, shutting down or "ghosting") or freezing (overwhelm, procrastination, stalling, etc).

When I'm "calling out" a client, it has nothing to do with judgment about them being "good" or "bad", it's just helping them see what's really going on.

Because, as the saying goes....."when you know better, you can do better".

In other words, when you are consciously aware of what's going on, you get to make an informed decision and choice.

And when you know what your Dreams and Goals are and what you're working towards, it's either a choice to get uncomfortable so you can grow towards the Dream or stay where you're at...(which, ironically is also uncomfortable---and generally way more painful).

I love my job. And, I take it seriously.

I can see what you're not seeing for yourself...and I won't let your lower brain sidetrack things. Not on my watch!

I can't do the actual work for you, but I will stand by you through the growing pains....if that's what you choose.

And if you choose the other route? Well, if you're content then you don't really need me. And if you're don't get to complain--you get to own your choice!

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