Taking action is a critical component of manifesting. If you sit around all day saying positive affirmations and waiting for things to magically appear, you’ll be waiting for awhile and may never see your dreams manifest. By the same token if you start taking action without the right energy behind it, you could end up manifesting the opposite of what you want. An energy of determination has a very different energy than one of desperation. When you think of determination, it tends to conjure of feelings of persistence, steadiness, strength. When you think of desperation, you will likely feel anxiety, stress and even scattered. With determination, you build momentum. With desperation you may see at best short-term success that’s not sustainable and, at worst, chaos.

So, how can you ensure that you are starting from the right place?

Successful manifesting requires an alignment. An alignment of your thoughts (your “mind”), your emotions (your...

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