Taking action is a critical component of manifesting. If you sit around all day saying positive affirmations and waiting for things to magically appear, you’ll be waiting for awhile and may never see your dreams manifest. By the same token if you start taking action without the right energy behind it, you could end up manifesting the opposite of what you want. An energy of determination has a very different energy than one of desperation. When you think of determination, it tends to conjure of feelings of persistence, steadiness, strength. When you think of desperation, you will likely feel anxiety, stress and even scattered. With determination, you build momentum. With desperation you may see at best short-term success that’s not sustainable and, at worst, chaos.

So, how can you ensure that you are starting from the right place?

Successful manifesting requires an alignment. An alignment of your thoughts (your “mind”), your emotions (your “spirit”) and your actions (your “body”). And, above all else, aligning all three of these with your dream! This is the order that I’ve found to be most successful:

1. Begin with your Dream. Get crystal clear on what it is that you want to manifest. The more details the better. Get clear on all of the qualities of your dream—what does it look like, sound like, smell like or even taste like? How do you feel when you are living your dream? These are the details that are important. Don’t worry about the details of who, how, where or when. Those are details that will slow you down or stop you because they dictate the way in which you want your manifestation to deliver.   That’s not your job—that’s up to the universe!

2.  Once you’re clear on what you want, it’s time to align with that.  Start with your thoughts.  Focus on what you want as though you already have it and from an abundant place.   Affirmations that start with “I AM” are the strongest statements of ownership—you are claiming your dream!    Be sure to state in the positive.  For example  “I am financially abundant vs. I am debt free”.   The latter brings in the lack mentality.  

3.  After the thoughts are in place, line up the energy.   Go back to how you said you wanted to feel when you are living your dream.  Get into that place NOW.  Practice feeling the feelings—you can intentionally call up the energy!  This step is critical because the wrong energy will get you the wrong results!   One of the easiest ways to raise your energy is a gratitude practice.  Focus on the abundance that you already have and you’ll be attractive to more.

4. Thoughts in place?  Check!   Energy and Emotions in place?  Check!  Now it’s time to take action!   You don’t need to have a full strategy in place, just get started and the path will unfold.  When you take your first steps from a place of inspiration and determination you’ll enjoy the process and that energy will magnify.  The determination will take over and the momentum will build.

Have YOU tried to manifest without the right energy in place?  What were your results?   Comment below!


Beth Larsen is a former retail executive, a certified High Performance Coach,  Law of Attraction Coach, and founder of the Grow Your Abundance Group Coaching Program.   As a coach she works with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them attract more clients, more business and more abundance in all areas of their lives.


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