Any high school cheerleader will tell you that you can’t cheer for the opposing team. The entire job of a cheerleader is to rally for the team that you support!  Cheering for the other side would just be unheard of.   And cheering for both sides to win would just be crazy!

Yet we do it all the time in our own lives.

We have our DREAMS on one side:  the "home team".  

And on the opposing side we've got our Doubt, Fears and Excuses: the "visitors" that take up space in our head and nervous system.  

And all too often we give our support to the opposing side!  We feed into the doubt, fears and excuses like we want them to win.  

What if you took on the role as a cheerleader for your Dreams and committed to playing full out?

According to the Universal Cheerleader's Association website, there are 5 primary roles of a cheerleader.  Let's take a look at these and see how embracing each role can help you support the Dream:

  1. Crowd Leader
    The title “cheerleader” explains it all, leading the crowd through cheers! Cheerleaders motivate the crowd and rally them to get on their feet and yell. They understand the sports they are cheering for and genuinely support the team.
    --->How do you motivate and rally around your Dream?  Do you genuinely support it by getting excited and taking action towards your Dream every day?  What would you do differently to make it clear to yourself and everyone around you which side you are cheering for?

  2. Spirit Raisers
    Spirit raising is taking the pride that cheerleaders have for their school and spreading it to their fellow students and community members. Whether it means making signs and encouraging their peers to attend the big game, or keeping the energy up during the game, cheerleaders are where the spirit begins.
    --->What do you do to encourage yourself and maintain your focus when going through rough patches?  How do you engage others to support you?  Do you have a Vision Board and, if so, do you use it?

  3. Ambassadors
    Being a school ambassador is a key part of being a cheerleader. As one of the most visible student athletes cheerleaders should be friendly, know the facts about their school , set a good example for other students and spread spirit. Cheerleaders represent their alma mater in the truest fashion!
    --->How do you represent your Dream?  Are you BE-ing the best ambassador for your Dream?  Do you live your Dream as though you deserve it and already have it?   What would it look like, sound like, feel like?

  4. Athletes
    Cheerleading requires strength, endurance and technique to execute the skills used in crowd leading. Cheerleaders should have dedication to improving their skills through the year during practice.
    --->What habits do you have in place to build your skills and support your Dreams?  How do you nourish your body--mentally, emotionally and physically?  What do you need to do differently?

  5. Entertainers
    Cheerleaders use their crowd leading tactics, spirit and athleticism to entertain the crowd on game day, especially during Time Outs and Half Time. When the crowd is entertained and enjoying the game, they are more likely to stand up and yell with the cheerleaders when they are needed most!
    --->What do you do during low times--when you face challenges or set backs or when things aren't going as quickly as you like?  How do keep yourself focused on the bigger vision and engaged in the Dream no matter what the current circumstances look like?

So…have you picked your Team? Is it your DREAM or are you cheering for the other side?

When you decide to make your DREAM your TEAM, take the job of cheerleader seriously—because there’s only one winner!


PS....want some help getting on the right team? Even cheerleaders need coaches!
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