The Top 10 Mindset Shifts You Must Make to Become a Master Manifestor

Whether you subscribe to the "Woo" side of manifesting and the Law of Attraction or you believe that plain old hard work is the key to making your dreams come true, there is no denying that having the right mindset is critical to your success.  Without the right frame of mind, you will most definitely work harder, struggle in the face of adversity and put those dreams at risk of never coming to fruition.   Proper mindset is the foundation for success!

Here are TEN key mindset shifts that you must make immediately if you want to start getting traction and gaining momentum toward your Dreams:

1.  Abundance is Everywhere.
Having an abundant mindset means realizing that abundance is everywhere in your life.  You may have an abundance of the things you don't want and you may have an abundance of lack, but you still have abundance.   This might sound like just a mind trick, but it's so much more than that.   If you are programmed to look for lack, you'll sabotage yourself when you start to see success.   If you program yourself to look for abundance, you'll be able to gain momentum.   Start with recognizing that you are abundant!

2.  Focus on What You Want NOT What You DON'T Want.
This, too, is both a mindset and an energetic shift.   Clarity is a critical component of any good goal or plan.   If you don't know what you want, it's pretty hard to see it materialize.  It's even harder when you are naturally pre-disposed to know what you DON'T want.   Yet there is beauty in this "contrast".   If you find it easy to identify what you DON'T want, ask yourself "what would be the opposite?"   For example, if I know that I don't want to be struggling to write blog posts that engage and inspire, the opposite of that would be to "easily write blog posts that are magnetic, engaging and inspirational".   Easy, right?   Embrace the contrast!

3.  What You Resist Persists.
Mindset shift #2 doesn't mean sugar-coating or avoiding the things that are challenging. You may have heard this one before---If I ask you NOT to think of a pink elephant, what happens? It's virtually impossible NOT to see a pink elephant in your mind! So rather than avoid it or avoid the challenges, deal with them head on.  You'll neutralize the power of those challenges...just be sure to use shift #2 right after so you can get the gift in the challenge!

4.  Celebrate EVERYTHING!   
This is something that true High Performers do naturally.  They've trained themselves to see everything as a success....even the failures.  Because failures are simply information.  They don't personalize it and let it cloud or destroy their self-image.  They use the results to fine tune and tweak.   They also recognize that every micro-movement toward the direction of their goals is a success.   Those blog posts?  Celebrate the first one you write--even if it takes 2 days (or 2 weeks!).   The first webinar that you do where no one shows up?  Celebrate that you took the initiatve and figured out the tech side of it before your real debut!    Have a fully packed webinar and you're technology fails you?  Celebrate your courage for getting through it.  Find SOMETHING to celebrate!  It doesn't mean you don't have high standards and an expectation of doing better.  On the contrary, it will make you more resilient and quicker to improve.   

5.  Train Yourself to Stay in the Present Moment.
Meditation is great for this and the most successful entrepreneurs cosider meditation to be a vital tool in their toolbox.  But staying in the present isn't just about meditation.   When you focus on the past, you live in the past.  When you are too focused on the future, you may find yourself always chasing it and never satisfied.   The mindset shift is to take your goals and dreams and bring them into your present moment.  How can you think and act as though you have already achieved your dreams?  How would you feel?   

6.  Consider that the Universe is Conspiring to Make Things Happen FOR You and Not TO You.
If you find yourself questioning "why bad things always happen to you" or "why you can't ever seem to catch a break", you're in need of a mindset shift.    How can you flip the switch on those thoughts?   Well, when you were in school and you needed to learn a new skill or retain new information, how did you do that?  Through ASSIGNMENTS.   You will continue to get assignments that enable you to learn the skills you need to successfully accomplish your goal.  Those assignments aren't always easy to take---until you realize the value they hold.   Embrace the assignments and you'll release the resistance to learning.  And the faster you learn, the faster you can see success!

7. Gratitude for What You Already Have
It's been proven time and time again that people who are grateful for what they have are calmer, less stressed, happier and more resilient.   This is a nice tie in to shift #4 as well!  When you learn to be grateful for the failures it's easier to celebrate and find the learnings.   If you're struggling with lack, challenge yourself to find the things to be grateful for.   You may not be grateful for the lack itself, but what about the lessons it's teaching you or the resourcefulness it requires you to step into?  There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

8.  Claim Your Dreams!
Don't hide them or shy away from sharing your Big, Juicy Dreams!   If you've got a vision board, where is it?  Do you have it hanging front and center in your office or is it hiding in your closet at home?   Are you holding back from sharing it, afraid that people will "poo poo" your dreams, discourage you or make fun of you?   What message do you think you are sending to your subconscious?    These are YOUR dreams and if other people don't think they are achievable, that's ok--they don't have to achieve them!   Don't let their mindset shift yours.   

9.  Use the Facebook Algorithm to Guage Your Point of Attraction.
I often hear people complain that their Facebook feed can be depressing--that's it's filled with negative chatter and stories.    Well, guess what....FB tracks all of your interactions, clicks, likes, etc. and they use their "algorithm" to share more of the same with you! (yeah, a little scare, I know!)
If you are giving attention to all the negativity, you'll find your Facebook feed being dominated with it.  If you delete and block the negative or train yourself not to engage with it AND shift your focus to the postiive, you'll see that reflected as well.   And you're making a conscious decision with this.   You don't have to resist it (remember shift #3!), you can simply acknowledge it and choose to shift your focus.   

10.  Own That You Are 100% Responsbile For Everything That You Attract, Manifest and Create in Your Life.
This is quite possibly the most important shift to make!  When you can own the responsibility for attracting and creating the things you don't want, you own your power.   It's the difference between having a victim mentality and a victor mentality and it literally encompasses all the other shifts.   This is also a powerful shift in perspective, that enables you to take the judgment away from your "shortcomings" or "failures" (those are in quotes because they are not the truth)!    When you shift your perspective, you open yourself up to the learning, growth and movement necessary to see those Dreams to fruition!

What stands out for YOU on this list?   Any shfits that you need to make?   Comment below!

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