Why I Don't Care if You are Inauthentic

blocks limiting beliefs Jul 16, 2016

I don’t care if you are inauthentic!

I have had several conversations over the past few weeks with clients and friends who were extremely triggered by people that they feel are inauthentic.  People who build a life on social media that looks nothing like their real life.  The pictures show smiles and social events, happy families and friends, amazing locations and guilty pleasure indulgences—all carefully posed to capture the essence of the moment…or at least the essence they want you to think.  Maybe even the essence of what they themselves want to believe.  Picture perfect on the outside!

And I get feeling triggered.  I actually avoided social media altogether for several years because of this very thing.  I knew someone personally that was a master of social media and PR.  Behind the scenes her life was a mess—her husband was cheating on her, she had anxiety so bad that she self-mutilated, she struggled to see any real success that was sustainable.  When she did have success she couldn’t simply enjoy it.   Look at her Facebook or Instagram feed and you would never know.  You would think her life was perfect.  Picture perfect!

 I judged her for it.   I felt a variety of emotions about it.  I was disgusted that her life was a lie.  I was appalled that she was painting a picture for others that made them feel they could have what she had.  I felt sorry for her and even more so for her daughter because of the example she was setting for her little one.  I felt self righteous about it.  I thought it was a good thing that I could recognize it and that I would use it as contrast for how I would be.

And then it hit me.  Why did I even care?   If she wanted to live her life that way, who am I to judge?  Why is it any of my business?  I went back and forth on that for a while, trying to justify my contempt and lack of respect.  But one thing I know-- and know without a shadow of a doubt—is that everything (EVERYTHING!) manifests from the inside out.  If I was holding onto these feelings about her I was blocking myself.   I didn’t have the time and energy to be my own authentic self if I was caught up in her (or anyone else).   I needed to strengthen my own vibration.  I needed to release even caring about it. 

 I adopted some specific affirmations and afformations (Noah St. John):

·      I embrace my authentic self

·      I am aligned with my own dreams-- in body, mind and spirit

·      Why is it so easy for me to love other people just for who they are?

·      Why do I easily attract and surround myself with people who are aligned with me?

I went further with it and started to use social media as the external barometer—the social proof that I really was aligned.   I embraced the beauty of the Facebook algorithm and I giggled with joy as I saw my Facebook feed shift and fill up with inspiring messages.   The more I focused on myself and what mattered to ME, the more I attracted that back.  I found that the people who weren’t “authentic” (as I had previously defined it) showed up in my feed less and less.  It wasn’t because I blocked them or shut them down.  I didn’t go looking for them and they rather quickly filtered out!  When they did occasionally show up I didn’t feel the same triggers.  It just felt neutral.

The real lesson for me is that it showed me the beauty of the path of least resistance.   Which is really the path of most alignment.    It takes energy to focus on someone else’s actions.  It takes energy to try to be something you’re not.  Energy is something I hold very sacred—my power source needs me nourishing it not depleting it.    It’s everyone’s choice how they use their energy.  I can only imagine that it must be exhausting to use it pretending to be something that you aren’t.  But maybe not!   Maybe that is what gives THEM pleasure and joy!   I’m not going to spend too much time wondering about it….that’s taking time and energy away from my dreams!

What triggers you and what have you learned about your triggers?


Beth Larsen is a former retail executive, a certified High Performance Coach,  Law of Attraction Coach, and founder of the Grow Your Abundance Group Coaching Program.   As a coach she works with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them attract more clients, more business and more abundance in all areas of their lives.


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