When it comes to manifesting financial abundance do you have a prosperity mindset or a penny pincher perspective? 

This can be a tricky topic when you’re trying to manifest money. No one wants to waste money or throw it away. Perhaps your parents taught you to be responsible or even frugal with your funds. Or maybe you heard growing up “a penny saved is a penny earned”. But consider the undercurrent of energy in all of those thoughts…each is rooted in the idea of lack. That if you aren’t responsible or frugal and you don’t save your money, you won’t have it. And this energy is either stopping you from attracting money or limiting you from attracting more.

So how do you turn this around and start to attract from an energy of abundance?

1. Start by setting an actual financial manifestation goal. Pick a number that you want to manifest in the next month—a number that is just outside your comfort zone. If you pick a number that’s too high your subconscious will never believe it and you can say affirmations until the cows come home--your energy will still be stuck in lack.

2. Find out what beliefs you hold around money. How would you answer these statements:  
“Money is……” 
“People with a lot of money are…..”
“People who are poor are….”

3. List out those beliefs on a piece of paper. I call them “WEEDS” (WEEDS = Weak Energy, Excuses, Doubts and Sabotage). I hang them on a “WEEDS” board that hangs next to my vision board. For each of your WEEDS, ask yourself “is this true or is this a belief from my past?” and “is this ALWAYS true?” Find some examples that disprove your belief. When you’ve done that write “CANCEL” is red over the weed! (For example if you say that “rich people are greedy”, examples such as Oprah, Richard Branson, Marie Forleo would all be great role models that counteract this belief).

4. Create a new affirmation that aligns with your new belief. I like to frame these in the following way as it helps your subconscious assimilate the new beliefs:

“I am willing to accept new thoughts about money. I am open to increasing my income (or profits) now!”

5. Open your eyes to the abundance that is already around you and acknowledge it in all of its forms. This can be new income coming in but it could also be a friend offering to buy you coffee or lunch and it could even be a sale or “bargain” that you unexpectedly receive. Only this time that bargain has a different energy to it!

Trust me when I say that you will not stop attracting bargains, freebies and refunds. In fact, when you make this shift you’ll notice that you receive these more and more. Only now it’s a true sign of abundance—and rather than saving your way to prosperity, you’ll be growing it! 

Do you have a favorite way of shifting your money story and your money energy?
Comment below!


Beth Larsen is a former retail executive, a certified High Performance Coach,  Law of Attraction Coach, and founder of the Grow Your Abundance Group Coaching Program.   As a coach she works with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them attract more clients, more business and more abundance in all areas of their lives.


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