Uncategorized Oct 08, 2016

Are you a “perfectionist”?   Do you wait until everything is “just so” in order to take action?   Is it a “quality” issue—you don’t want to put out anything “half-a**ed”, so you’re waiting until it is up to “your standards”?  

Lots of “quotes” in those sentences!   Why?   Because quotations go around statements and stories and those are the stories that you’re telling yourself!

Don’t kid yourself—perfectionism is actually a form of procrastination.   It’s an excuse not to get started or to delay putting something that you made—with your name on it—out in the world to be seen.  And judged.   And possibly rejected.  And  in your mind, if it’s perfect when you do put it out there then no one would reject it.   That’s your ego talking and telling those stories.


But here’s the thing.   Someone is ALWAYS going to reject it.   And that’s ok!   Rejection is a form of feedback and when you take the emotion out of it, you will realize that the feedback is really valuable.   Feedback can let you know how clear you are in communicating.  It can let you know if there are things you need to tweak or change to get closer to your goal.  It can validate your assumptions.  And, if you keep your ego out of it, it can help you release the people that aren’t right for your message and attract the people that are.

So how do you move out of the perfectionism procrastination?    You take action and you learn to celebrate the steps along the journey and not just the final destination.  You shift the object of your celebrations!

Celebrate the action of putting it out there, despite your fears. 

Celebrate the feedback and your ability to look at it with a neutral point of view. 

Celebrate the way that you use that feedback to fine tune and the insights that you receive.  

Celebrate the first client that unsubscribes from your list or drops off because they weren’t aligned with the message that’s important to you.

Celebrate the first person that subscribes to your list or buys your product because it resonates for them or it ‘s exactly what they were looking for.

Celebrate your growth!

Is there something that falls into this perfectionism procrastination category for you?   Comment below and tell me how this resonates for you!

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