How I Use Facebook to Manifest

Uncategorized May 24, 2017

Ah, I see I caught your attention with that title!   Well, first, let me say that this is NOT a post about how to do facebook ads, how to write better copy or which facebook groups to join to get clients for your business or to lose weight or to find your soulmate.

 This is about something way more powerful than that.   It’s about your ENERGY.

Whether you believe in the “woo woo” side of manifesting or you fall on the side of hard core science...or, if you’re somewhere in between the two….one thing I know all powerful manifestors can agree on is that manifesting, at it’s core, is about ENERGY.

The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the words you say, the actions you take...all of these have an energy behind them.  And you attract back from the energy that you are putting out.  

 So what does this have to do with Facebook?   

Facebook has this powerful tool called the algorithm.  This algorithm is a mathematical equation that is designed to take into account everything you do on facebook and give you back more of it!  If you engage in a post by clicking on it--that’s part of the algorithm.  If you write a comment--that’s part of the algorithm.  If you click on an ad, watch a video, download a freebie--all part of the algorithm.  This algorithm can even take into account how long you stay on a video before “checking out”.   

Marketers love the algorithm because it enables them to target you with their ads.

But this post isn’t about marketing, it’s about manifesting.

I teach all my clients and students to use the facebook algorithm as a tool to gauge their energy.  If someone tells me that they hate being on facebook because it’s filled with negativity, hate, gossip or that it’s a time suck, that is an amazing opportunity to help them see where their point of attraction is--the energy they are giving out.  Because that algorithm is simply responding to them and where they are putting their attention and focus.  It’s also a great way for them to see who they are surrounding themselves with.  What are the groups that they’ve chosen to join?  Are their friends and family positive, supportive and motivating or are they negative, demeaning, cranky or even downright hateful?

The real power in manifesting is in the responsibility you take for what YOU put out into the universe.   When you consciously shift your focus--your outer world will shift in accordance.

The last thing I want is for a client or student to hang out in facebook all day, procrastinating and wasting time instead of taking action toward their Dreams.  But taking a few minutes every day to pop in and interact can give you a valuable temperature check AND allow you to shift your energy...if you choose to!

Here are 5 steps to take to clean up your energy:

 1.  Review your FB timeline and the posts that you’ve made in the last month.  Are they inspiring, motivating, fun?   Are they ranting, complaining, filled with anger?   Or are they passionate, educational, thought-provoking?   How does the energy that you give out align with what you are wanting to receive back?  How can you take responsibility for this and what changes can you make this week?

2.  Take a look at the groups you’re in.  How do they serve you and nourish you?  Are you able to take in any lower energy comments without it affecting you?  Do you actively engage in these groups or are they just “clutter” in your feed?   Unfollow any groups that do not align with the energy that serves you.

 3.  Go through your friends and family list and “unfollow” those people who drain your energy.  You don’t have to completely cut them out and unfriend them (unless you really DO need to), but you can love them for who they are without engaging in their negativity.  When you unfollow, you’ll stay friends but their posts won’t show up as priority in your timeline.

4.  Set a time limit for Facebook.  I would personally limit it to 1 hour MAX (and that’s a lot!)  If you use Facebook for business or run a group, you might be in there more, but I’d still set time limits.  You want to be focused when you pop in there or before you know it you’re down a rabbit hole of cute kitten videos.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with a kitten video or two--especially to lift your energy!)

 5.  Find a new group (or groups)  to join that align with your goals and Dreams!   Facebook has a wealth of helpful, positive and educational groups that can actually benefit and support you.  Look for groups that are achieving what you want to achieve and that you can contribute to as well!

Consciously practice this for a couple of weeks and see the difference it makes--in the quality of your facebook feed AND in the quality of your life!   You’ll be surprised how quickly things can shift when you take the reins and the responsibility for the energy you put out!

Have other ideas or suggestions on how you manage YOUR energy?  I’d love to hear them--comment below!

If you’ve been struggling and feeling stuck and need help with this, I’m opening up a couple of spots for 1:1 coaching.  You can apply for a complimentary strategy session here.  I specialize in helping people align their energy with their Dreams.  Because life’s too short not to be living those Dreams!

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