3 Ways to get out of your head and into your flow

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

I spent years as a high achiever.  I accomplished a lot.  And then I crashed and burned.  

My road to recovery was slow...until I learned a really profound tool and resource that had been available to me all along, but that I was completely disconnected from:  my own body!

I know I'm not alone with this---I now see it with a LOT of my high achieving clients and here's why:  we're so up in our heads all the time--problem solving, strategizing, trying to "figure things out".   And the sad thing is, so much of our wisdom comes from within our bodies--not our heads!   Deep in the body--the heart and the gut.  Our intuition comes through our feelings.

Why did I struggle with this so much?  Because even when I first heard this, I was still trying to "get it"--to understand it, to figure it out.  I couldn't wrap my brain around it fully.   Oh the irony, right?  Even when I would go to a yoga class--an amazing way to connect in with your body--I would spend the whole class trying to "figure out" the moves and poses, trying to find ways to move my body to get out of the pain....vs. just BE-ing present with it and moving into it.   I have to laugh now and just how stubborn I was!

Here's the good news...this is a muscle and, just like any other muscle, it can be developed over time.  But not with force.  Here's what has worked for me:

1.  Move into curiosity!!   This helped me get out of my thinking brain.   Asking questions that start with "I wonder...."    
For example, rather than saying "What am I feeling?", change that to "I wonder what I'm feeling?".    it's so subtle but it's actually really huge!

2.  Imagine vs. Visualize.   If you struggle with visualization this is a really good one.  Here's another irony--while I respond to visual things a lot, I would get very frustrated any time I was told to visualize...if something didn't come up right away, I'd shut down and get upset that I couldn't "figure this out" (see a pattern?).   When one of my teacher's said to me "stop trying to visualize then and just use your imagination"...whoa!   Everything changed!   

3.  Ground your energy and use ALL of your senses.  OK, now the first time I heard this one I thought it was a little crazy....and I was specifically frustrated because of point #2...I kept hearing to "visualize roots coming from your feet" or "visualize a cord coming from the base of your spine.  Again--I was stuck on the visualizing piece.   But when my teacher said to stop visualizing and imagine roots...well, ok, that still didn't really do a lot.  
Then she said, "imagine you have sandbags instead of feet....feel the heaviness of those bags".   "Imagine a waterfall coming from the base of your spine--hear the water rushing".    Using a combination of imagination and different senses, I started to really FEEL it!   

Why is this all so important?

Because once I got out of my head all the time and started to open back up into my body, I've found it so much easier to be in a flow state vs. force.  It's truly one of my secrets to FLOURISHING!

I could go on and on about this topic for days, but I'll leave you with these few tips.   And I'd love to hear back from you if any of this resonates?   Comment below and let me know and share your tips too!

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