Have you been going through life on auto-pilot?  

Do you feel the pull to do more? To have more?  To "be" more?

Do you feel like you have to sacrifice parts of your life to have success in other areas?

or, have you hit levels of high success but are scared that you can't sustain it?


Let me help you!

 My name is Beth Larsen and I am a Certified High Performance Coach, Law of Attraction coach and the founder of the Unlock Your Natural Abundance Group Coaching Program.  

 After 20+ years in the retail industry, managing stores, districts, regions and as a VP of Sales, I found myself burnt out, with niggling health problems and in desperate need of a change.  I knew that I was capable of success but I no longer wanted to sacrifice my health or my relationships to get it.    And, quite frankly, I knew that I was meant to do more!  In 2012, I walked away from the career with no solid plan for what was "next".  But what I did have was confidence in myself and faith that the path would unfold.

And it did--and I have learned to appreciate the JOY in the JOurneY!     As I followed the breadcrumbs that the universe sent me, I found some amazing mentors who showed me how I could reach and sustain high levels of performance along with high levels of happiness, love, health and success.   And in the process, I discovered my true purpose and passion--helping entrpreneurs create a life that they don't need to take a vacation from.  A Big, Full, Life!

I teach a unique combination of business strategy, personal growth and manifesting.  I can show you how to build abundance in all areas of your life—because life isn’t fun if you have a lot of financial success but poor health and relationships.   And great love is so much better without financial hardships.


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