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"I used to feel that everything in my life was a problem that got in the way of what I thought I wanted. Working with you in the group coaching program was life changing. At first I started off feeling accountable to you, then I began feeling accountable to the the group to be present and complete each week's work. Now it's about accountability to ME--this is how I look at every day now. I love the group dynamics and support that I get from the other women in the group!"

Tazz Latifi

"Through Beth's guidance I have become witness to how amazing life is when you devote your thoughts and actions to your truest dreams. Miracles are unfolding in every aspect of my life now. My old doubts and impatience have been replaced with consistent inspired action. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears and I am eternally grateful that Beth is my wonderful teacher. I am more clear than I have ever have been. I feel empowered and equipped with the knowledge necessary to live my happiest life. "

Erin Schelcher

"One of the first things I did with Beth was put words to what my dream was. I had been living in Seattle many years and was post divorce and wanting to get out of there. My words were "I hear the waves in the morning and at night". Didn't seem practical with a realistic look at housing costs. Guess what? I am a block and a half from the beach now and have been hearing the waves every morning and night for years now. "

Alice Caravias
Executive Assistant

"Before working with Beth I was timid and fearful of trying anything outside my comfort zone. I didn’t believe I was worthy of success. The wisdom I have gained into myself is priceless! I have been able to identify my dreams, goals, my WHY, my strengths, weakness and obstacles. I have made major changes in my life...and the best part is when you achieve one area, the rest becomes clearer. I dream BIG now! I landed a job that allowed me the freedom to fulfill a single mom’s dream--a new home. I now work part time to build my dream of being my own boss and having my own health and wellness business--my corporation paperwork is coming any day now! "

Dawn Chimento
Physical Therapist, Founder, Moms to Menopause

"Before meeting Beth, I was riddled with fear, doubt and procrastination. I needed to let go of the old beliefs that were stifling me and have the courage to start over. After being introduced to Beth by a dear friend, I decided to invest in myself and my happiness. I chose to sign up for her course. It was one of the best investments I've ever made! Beth is supportive, caring and more importantly, helped me move forward to achieve my goals and start dreaming again. "

Omayra Pabon

"I knew something had to change in my life. Feeling stuck and unsure about what I really wanted, I decided to try "Flourish". I'm so glad I did! Beth's coaching approach inspired me to be curious and to dream again. She offered valuable feedback and was spot on with her insight into my struggles to have everything figured out before I could move forward. I noticed a shift in my energy as my dream for the future took shape over a few weeks. As I gained clarity, I learned that I needed to remove some “weeds” in my life and develop new daily habits to support the vision of what I really wanted. My experience with Flourish helped me find a path forward, one that is fun and fulfilling. I am so grateful! "

Judy N.

"I wanted to thank you for this amazing experience on the call. You have truly made a deep impact on my thinking. And how I take action." 
~Farah Shahed

"Thanks so much for the session, Beth, I truly enjoyed connecting with you, not only learning some great tips to help me get clarity and to centre myself through my power words, but also those cool quick techniques to recharge my power plant."

 ~Ali O'Brien

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